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Adwaith Thought Academy had its origin as G.N Sam School in the 1980s. Adwaith and LRT Group of Companies have managed the institution since then. The management has always been part of ventures which focussed on quality and creating value. The grown in Coimbatore pride has always made us work hard and make the organization a sustainable one so we can pass it forward to the next generation.

Adwaith Thought Academy is the pinnacle of education. The Adwaith thought process is much different from a traditional institute. We believe in ‘Think, Act and Impact,’ i.e. A worthy thought ought to be executed in a manner impacting people’s lives positively. Adwait has values rooted in the plurality of the education system where every child is allowed to cultivate dreams and ambitions and push the boundaries of imagination and expectations. There’s a great saying that children’s minds are often impressionable, and they capture every moment from the surroundings.

Adwaith Thought Academy provides a positive influence on our children’s life. We want children to grow as responsible adults who can contribute to society’s development. ATA accepts children’s special talent and focuses on them to help them grow as professionals from a very early age. The pedagogy is not your tradition ‘one size fits all.

With a faculty that works together with the student to help them overcome their struggles, ATA has made strides towards the right direction receiving various accolades from parents as well as influential people from society.

Once an ATA management member was asked why Adwaith Thought Academy and he replied ‘Why not?’. Adwaith Thought Academy believes in letting the parents form a connection with the faculty members and the school and make an independent decision devoid of judgement. When parents come to visit us, we rekindle the innocence inside them, that once helped them learn the vast ocean called the world.